Convention Doll

The Convention doll is available for pre-order from March 14 - April 14. Details are as follows:

Rose by La Tama, also known as Aurélien Fravalo-Atallah, DepthDolls
39cm slim msd
She takes 12mm eyes and 6-7 wig

Full set Rose $600
- dress designed by Connie Lowe
- limited edition, only available to convention attendees
- only available to convention attendees
- comes with an original Marbledhalls outfit, shoes and Jpop wig similar to the oufit shown
- each outfit will be slightly different and unique
- limited to 40 dolls

Basic nude Rose $450.00/$500.00
- available to attendees and non-attendees

Rose will be available for pick up at the convention.

Dolls purchased by non-attendees will be shipped after the convention is over.

Please note that Rose needs to be paid in full at the time of the order.

Below are pictures of the Rose prototype

Join us on iDolls, a yahoolist for organizing the convention.